Anusara Yoga is a hatha yoga system that combines a life-affirming philosophy of intrinsic goodness, the Universal Principles of Alignment, and the celebration of community. Anusara yoga classes include heart-oriented themes, clear and succinct pose instructions and demonstrations, coordination of movement with breath, and intelligent sequencing. Anusara teachers weave yoga philosophy into the pose instructions. They walk the classroom, observing the attitude, alignment, and action of students, so that they may offer verbal and physical adjustments in order to enhance their poses. Anusara teachers serve students of any level of experience or ability. The intention of every Anusara teacher is for their students to leave class feeling better, with deeper awareness, and full of joy.

Yoga Teacher Training is a big commitment and potentially life-changing experience. Trainees spend 200 hours together with their teachers, studying, discussing, and practicing the various elements of yoga. Life-long relationships are often forged in the fire of teacher training. Self-discovery is a big part of the process. Teacher training is big commitment. It is often more challenging than trainees expect. But with the help of fellow trainees and their trainers, dedicated students can graduate from teacher training with new knowledge and skills that will help them both on and off of the yoga mat. Their practices grow and evolve. And some go on to become amazing yoga teachers. 

This training is capped at 12 students, giving them more access and a deeper connection to each other and their teachers. The smaller training also allows the trainers to act as mentors during and beyond the training.

Please consider joining Anusara Yoga Teachers, Keric Morinaga, Samantha Feinerman, E.J. Merlin, and Grace Lapidario in their 2019 Anusara Yoga Teacher Training. 

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